Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blog Hopping Saves Sanity!!!!

It should be against the law for the temperature to have been 33 at 2 PM in Cullman, Alabama at any time of the year!!  But, that is exactly what it was there today.  So glad my car has a good heater and I have some good warm sweaters!!  Regardless of the cold, I got all my errands taken care of.  Yeah!!!!!

(Not an actual photo of Cullman, Alabama!!)

I needed some time this evening to clear my head, so I did some blog hopping.  That is such a great way to get a fresh mental perspective on things!!  As I found goodies, I took notes so I could pass them on to you.  It is always better when you share things with folks.
Saw the most beautiful creation tonight.  Maya Road held a contest called Two Peas In A Bucket.  The gal who won the contest made a “book” using two trinket boxes with mulberry paper as the book binding!!  It is absolutely fabulous!!  You need to go take a look.  What a grand inspiration!!  I have just GOT to make one of these--or more!!

And while looking at a blog with some of the most lovely Christmas trees and decorations I found information about a drawing going on with Whogga.  They are the makers of those boots called Uggs.  Anyway, if you just sign up for their newsletter you are entered into a drawing for a free pair of Uggs!!!  How is that for cool???  Here is your link:

And while we are blog hopping....
Has everyone been keeping up with the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas???  Here is the link for that again: 

Tim (for anyone who doesn't know) is one of the most incredible people imaginable.  His work is amazing!!

All things considered it has been a day which was too full.  Hate to cut this short---but, that nice warm bed is calling my name!!

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