Monday, December 6, 2010


Boy I just hate when this happens!!!  I'm here in the south trying to stay warm!!!  At least I do know how to keep from freezing to death--I really feel sorry for the poor folks down in Miami.  They do not know how to do that so well and it is to be down around 40 tonight there.  They are saying that Birmingham will get to 21 tonight, which means it will be about 15 here at my little place.  We are in a flood plane hollow with a small creek.  It is always several degrees colder here. 
All the little dogs are huddled together on one chair here in the living room.  A few years back, when we went from one dog to three, we stopped allowing any to sleep in the bed.  Couldn't let one do it and not the others and couldn't fit more than one in there with both of us.
Oh, another give-away showed up on Facebook tonight.  I have already entered in hopes of winning one of the crafty great prizes.  Here is the link for you to try:


I spent the better part of both yesterday and today upstairs going through boxes and boxes of STUFF--I have so many projects going on all at the same time!!  There are several projects which are of the Christmas gift variety and several of the Swap-bot variety.  Of course everything would be easier if I had any organization going on at all---but, that is not happening very well.  I do have to say that MOST of my 12x12 paper is organized.  The bulk is in a rolling cabinet downstairs and then there is most of the 8 1/2 x 11 in a tower cabinet upstairs.  But, there are still some papers in boxes upstairs, others in a box downstairs and there is some in the car--always!!  Digging through boxes upstairs is a true adventure!  I always find things I forgot I even had!!  Ran into some written items which were done by my youngest son when he was little.  That stuff always cracks me up.  One thing I found yesterday that made me ROLL was a letter he had written which had never gotten mailed.  He had written to a minister on the radio to request a copy of the free book the man had been offering.  It began "Dr. Mr. ?    I'm sorry but I forgot your name..."  I especially loved the line "'s hard because I live on a farm and we are 50 miles from a church."   I guess his young mind thought we had a farm.  It was actually 3 1/2 acres.  We did have a small garden that year.  There were several churchs which were close enough to have walked to, but we went most often to one which was about 30 miles away.  That letter needs to be put into a memory album!!! (Another project I need to work on!!)  Well, I can feel a small draft across the floor by my feet.  I think I will go crawl into the covers and stay warm.  Wishing all warmth and toastiness!!!
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  1. It is freezing here in St. Louis too. Ugh, seems too early for this kind of brutal cold.
    Thanks for the link up. Good luck!!