Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Only 24 Hours In Each Day!!

I need to find a class in proper time management.  I am bad to start too many things at a time, bad to change from one project to another in the middle of everything!!  You add to that the many tasks and errands and offers to do things for others and you are looking at the need for at least 48 hours in each day.  Seems that any time I need to be in one place, I have somewhere else I need to be at the same time which is not in the same direction!!  I have been so tensed up lately that the right side of my neck is staying in a rock hard knot!!  I really need to get SOMETHING organized!!!  Tomorrow I have 2 things to do in Cullman (26 miles from home toward the northwest) and also have to go to Ragland (62 miles from home toward the west if I could go the best route, but more like 99 miles tomorrow since I HAVE to go to Cullman first!!)  Neither destination can be delayed to another day. 
The next day I will be taking my step-mom to a doctor appointment in downtown Birmingham.  When I get her back home I will help out around there awhile.
In the meantime, I have 3 regular assignments to get turned in for accounting and economics classes before Sunday as well as a group project for the economics class!!  So far only one of the group members has given any signs of life!!  I got all the research done on the first part of the project today, just waiting for the others to respond to that.
And we can't forget about CHRISTMAS!!!  I am making cards and gifts---feeling as though I am the entire team of elves!!! 
All right, ENOUGH of the belly aching!!!   It is time to get off my pitty-pot!!!

This is my grandchild--she is 18 and does not have any idea how special she is.  She is the reason I have to go to Ragland tomorrow.  I am taking her a computer desk and money for a T-shirt she wants.  When she graduates this year we plan to visit Michigan together.  She wants to see where I grew up, the St. Joseph lighthouse which I have tons of pictures of all over my house, and my cousin Rosetta.  This should be one fun road trip!!  Growing up in Michigan, my family came to Alabama once or twice each year to visit my dad's family.  The last time I went to Michigan was Christmas of 1995.  It has been awhile!! 

It is so abnormally cold for us right now--makes it hard to think--so perhaps I should go get under the extra covers and get warm as I drift into sweat dreams!!

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  1. Good thing you'll be visiting Michigan in the summer; it's very cold and snowy here noe.