Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Welcome To The My World!!

My name is Elizabeth and I suffer from
Adult Onset Art Distraction Disorder
as well as
Crafting Personality Disorder
as well as
Horrific Craft Supply Hoarding Disorder
But I am fine with it. I will live with all of it forever and refuse to get medicated for any of it!!

In addition to all of that, I am
Vertically Challenged
and more than a little bit
Dyslexic Anorexic

My mother's name was Wilma Fern.  (That is where the name of my blog comes from.  I have used that name for an email address and with more than one online crafting group.)  I am a senior citizen of 61 who is going to college!!  I just began that adventure last April.  I have been able to get an A in every course so far, except Biology.  The degree program I am in is for business.  Although I realize that everyone has to have some math, science and english courses, I had expected to have a fairly easy biology course--what I got was a little something I loving refer to as "Biology 10".  Why on earth would someone going into business need to know how to de-code DNA?????  Well, I had to do that, then even more things I will never need to know!!  I was afraid I'd end up failing the course--but, was relieved to end up with a B+.  Currently I have Principles of Accounting and Microeconomics.  Now, those are in my language and are very reasonable courses for my business degree!!  OK--the school thing is BORING!!  On to more interest stuff--

I have been a follower of several wonderful blogs over the past few years.  As soon as I figure out how to do it, I will put links to all the great blogs I know and love on here so everyone who stops by can go to check them out. 
I have a passion for paper crafts.  I make notecards, post cards, envelopes, altered books, altered boxes, altered altoid tins, and matchboxes of all sizes.  I also love to make fairy jars and other captured fairies.  And I sew, quilt, crochet, and knit. 
I have a fabric library that is insane in scope!!  And there are boxes filled with patterns, threads, buttons, zippers, seam bindings, laces, and all sorts of trims!!  And there are bags filled with yarns of all kind and color!!  Then there are the storage bins and boxes and shelves filled with scrapbook paper, books to be used for crafting, paints, stamps, inks, ribbons, markers, and even crayons!!

The hubby and I lived in a tent while we built our house.  It is actually more of a cottage than a house.  It is 24 foot square.  There is an upstairs with two rooms of slightly less than 12 x 24 useable space.  That is where I try to maintain most of my craft supplies.  Of course, it has spilled over into every room of this little house!!  When my dad learned about us living in a tent while we built our place (I kept it from him till we had the house almost completely built cause I thought he would worry) he was so excited about it---he thought it was fantastic that I was willing to live in a tent while we built and he loved that we used recycled materials as much as possible.  

We have 4 little dogs who live with us.  BG (Baby Girl) is a rat terrorist (yes, terrorist)--Cheeze Rodrigues is a long haired chihuahua who weighs 3 pounds on a fat day--Betty Gonzollez (love child of those two)--and Lady Bug who is a boston terrier/chihuahua who I saved from a busy road, snatched from the jaws of death, kept from allowing a Wal-mart truck from turning into a pancake.  Hubby made me a great fish pond next to the front porch.  It is about 6 x 12.  Sometimes we feel like every frog in the county has moved into that pond!!  When the population gets too large, we catch as many as possible and move them to the creek on the far side of the field in front of the house.

I half-heartedly tried to blog in the past with sad results.  Those results were primarily due to the type of blogging  "group" I tried to use.  It is with high hopes that I am jumping into this blog.  Without the "group" restraints, I think there is a much better possibility of success. 

Hope you will come back to visit often.  I plan to add something here often!!