Saturday, April 23, 2011


This has been the last week of the current session of my college courses.  For this final week in my e-business course, we had to set up a website for our e-business and link it into a product page, a blog page, a facebook page, etc.
So, I now have a website for my e-business:

Of course, you are here at the blog!!

I put two new products in my Etsy shop today--and one of them sold in less than 15 minutes!!!  Guess I should make some more goodies and get them in the Etsy shop really quick!!

My Etsy shop is:
and the new Facebook page for the business is:
All right now---in honor of this session ending tomorrow, I am offering up some blog candy--
Leave a comment to be entered into the running for a healthy stack of vintage ephemera.  I'm seriously needing to clean out some space and will be filling up a large flat rate envelope.  The winner will be selected on Wednesday.
OK---Hop to it (pun for Easter) and leave me a comment!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

At Last A Winner!!!!

It has been one crazy non-stop wild ride for this blogger since the Bunny Hop Blog Hop!!  The new culvert pipe in our freshly re-graveled drive got wiped out by flash flooding----I had to work three 10 hour shifts---and all the normal insane things which make my word tick!!

Regardless, there is a winner for the ephemera package I offered up during the blog hop--

I will be sending you an email to get your mailing info--

I had planned to get much more into this blog entry tonight, but there is thunder and lightening going on, so I will leave it at just announcing the winner for now.

Much more to follow as I am on Spring Break!!!!!

Thank you to everyone--

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Good Morning!!!

Well, I posted last night after midnight and thought I would be fine for today---but, it wasn't midnight in the PST area yet!!  So, you can proceed to the March 4 post to leave a comment for the gift----then go on to the next blog in the Bunny Hop Bloghop!!

Meanwhile--here is a little mini book I made using Tim Holtz's video found here:

This was more fun than I even thought it would be!!  The tags in the book are pictures of keys!!

For the drawing for the gift package, you can leave a comment on March 4 or March 5 or both---then proceed on with the next blog in the OWH bloghop--

Thank you for stopping by!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bunny Hop Bloghop!!

Hello, and welcome all bloghoppers!!  If you are taking it all in order, you just arrived from Purple Funtastick Creations by Kari--
What a great day for a bloghop!!  Here in my neck of the woods it is a rainy, cool, droopy day--perfect weather to run around on the internet and have fun!!

This is a simple flower note card I made.  The chipboard flower just seemed to be a perfect match to the floral paper--and the plane green made it stand out.

On my way to a swap the other day, I realized I had forgotten scissors.  When I stopped to get a pair at a Dollar General store, I found some plain white mini journals.  How perfect for altering!!  So, I bought several and have gifted a few so far.

This one is embellished with wallpaper border and glitter.  Each one I have done so far is totally different from the others.  I will be inking and distressing the edges on this one next.  I really love these little books--the covers have a good weight and the pages are almost as heavy as cardstock.

I would like to offer up a gift of several useful embellishing items to one of you who will leave a comment.  I have way too much fun stuff that hubby says is weighting down our house!!  The gift pack will include some encyclopedia pages from a 1958 set, pages from an old French book, pages from an old German book, and several surprises.  Lots of great things for making note cards and collages.

You next stop for the Bunny Hop Bloghop is Jennifer at:

As always I am hoping that OWH gets lots of help gathering cards for the next shipment!!!

Thanks to all--


Tomorrow---March 5, 2011------is the BLOGHOP for OWH.  OWH is Operation Write Home.  What a great organization!!  They create handmade notecards which are sent to the troops so they can use them to write to their family and friends back home!!  After all there are no Hallmark Card Shops near where they are---and being able to write home on a pretty handmade card is SOOO much nicer than a plain sheet of paper.  So, as soon as I get to leave work today and get home, I will be making all the preps to be a part of the big BLOGHOP!!  I will be #126---my good friend Kathy will be #90----#134 is Carole -who I met during the last OWH Bloghop!!  This is my first time being one of the blogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am really excited about this whole thing.  It all begins tomorrow morning at 10 EST-9CST-7PST------just begin at #1 which is:  and follow along for the ride and all the fun!!  There are many gifts and prizes along  the way and lots of instructions and ideas as well----hope everyone gets a chance to go through at least a part of the list---I hope to see everyone in my comments!!!!!!!