Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Turned Off The Heat?????

Alabama is NOT supposed to be this cold!!!  I do not like this, no I do not!!  It is below freezing outside--and it only got up to around 50 today -- with the sun out and all --
I have become a WHIMP!!  I lived in Michigan from the time I was 9 months old until 1972.  Michigan winters can last from Halloween until Easter.  My brother and I built a snow fort in the back yard every year with a tunnel which snaked from the back porch all over the back yard until it finally reached the fort.  I've dealt with temps of 30 below!  But, that was then and this is now and I am a full fledged cold weather WHIMP!!

I got hubby to go into the woody area and locate some sturdy branches for me today.  Everything is still wet from the rains, so they will need to dry a day or two.  Then I will paint them white.  Once painted, they will be put into a sturdy container and decorated.  That is what I want for this year's Christmas tree.  I have seen this done in a few different ways and like it every which way it is done.  As soon as it is all together I will get a picture and post it.

Mailed off 3 swaps from Swap-bot Tuesday.  Nothing earth-moving, just simple handmade notecards and post cards. Worked this afternoon on a photo journal for another swap.  It called for 10 photos from where we live.  I had fun with the gathering of the pictures.  Living in a community known as BugTussle opens the way for many out-of -the-ordinary photos! 
For pretty pictures, I took my camera to Cullman and enjoyed some of the really nice places there.  The picture taking was fun, the journal decorating and contructing was fun; the captioning was the most difficult part of the whole thing.  I used to have good penmanship--but, that was way back when.  Now my handwriting looks about as bad as a doctor's prescription pad!!

I've been working on several small cookbooks for Christmas gifts.  It had begun with the idea of making one cookbook as a gift for one person, then I got to thinking that I should also do one for someone else, then someone it is several of these cookbooks being worked on as if one large project.  Then, while my youngest son and his girlfriend were visiting the other day, she mentioned how their vacation pictures were still unprinted.  The pictures are on their Facebook page, so I offered to retrieve them and print them out.  My new printer does such a great job.  Of course, I offered to put them all together as a scrapbook for them.  Somehow, I always seem to be working on more than one thing at a time.  Makes my life much more interesting anyway.

I really wanted to add pictures today, but the system seemed to think that the pictures I was trying to add might not belong to me.  They couldn't be more mine--they were all taken by me with my camera and put into my photo program on my computer.  Hopefully we can get this worked out very soon!!

Thank you for stopping by!!

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